Trusts and Asset Planning

Davenports West advise on appropriate legal structures to enable clients to protect their personal interests from their business risks and to preserve their assets for retirement or for their children.  This will invariably require the establishment of a Trust.

Asset Planning services include:

  • Formation of Family Trusts,
  • Formation of Charitable Trusts,
  • Family Trust Registration and Charitable Trust registration
  • Trust administration,
  • Winding up of Trusts,
  • Estate planning and asset protection schemes,
  • Advice to Trustees on their obligations,
  • Powers of Attorney both general and enduring,

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Establishing a Family Trust

A Trust is where someone holds assets for the benefit of others.  In New Zealand today, many people are using Family Trusts to protect their assets.

Reasons for establishing a Family Trust include:

  • To protect assets from creditors (important for those in business),
  • To ensure timely and intended succession of assets to next generation
  • To help in-protecting assets from relationship property claims
  • Prevent claims against your estate
  • Lower tax rate on some beneficiary distributions

As the potential financial liability of businesses and business owners increase, the need to protect assets increases also. The formation and administration of a family trust requires expert care and advice. Davenports West has the expertise to recommend and put in place the best plan for each client.

Establishing a Charitable Trust

New Zealand has strict laws relating to how a charity must be established and run – invariably this involves establishing a Charitable Trust, and administering and monitoring that Charitable Trust.

Davenports West Lawyers will guide you through the formation of your Charitable Trust, ensuring that your Charitable Trust Deed and structure comply with the various regulations required by the Charities Commission.

We will then provide legal advice on the ongoing operation and administration of your Charitable Trust.

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