Legal Help for Community Groups

In recent years the laws surrounding the establishment and administration of community groups has changed greatly.  Many, particularly if receiving public money of any kind, require a legal structure.

Davenport West Lawyers has many years of experience in handling the formation and administration of charities and community groups – in fact, it is one of the points of difference of our law firm; we take seriously the work done by charity groups in our area and seek to serve them as best we can.

Setting up a Charity or Community Group

Community groups come in various forms; clubs, churches, societies, schools, NGOs, and charitable trusts to name a few.  Each group will have lines of accountability and matters of compliance they must adhere to.

The Davenports West team will listen to your group’s vision and help you structure it in a way that fits its purpose and complies with all necessary legal requirements.  These will mainly relate to governance, employment, charitable status, tax and lease issues – and we are specialists in them all.

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