Elder Law

Elder Law recognises that those who are nearing or who have reached retirement are facing some unique legal issues to do with estate planning and protection of their future.

If you are near retirement age or have retired already, the Davenports West team would like to meet with you to talk over these issues and to review the protective measures you have in place for you and your assets.

Retirement and the Law

Legal issues pertaining to those nearing or in retirement include:

We have expertise and experience in all aspects of Elder Law and in handling the legal affairs of those at retirement age.  We look forward to helping you feel secure in your older years.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney grants someone the legal right to act as your representative.  Power of Attorney may have an expiry date and is automatically revoked should you become mentally incapable.

Enduring Powers of Attorney is similar to Powers of Attorney but is NOT revoked should you become mentally incapable.  There are two types of enduring Powers of Attorney; one for property and one for care and welfare.

We strongly recommend clients, particularly those who are older, make certain of their welfare and the distribution of their assets by having a valid Will and by putting Enduring Powers of Attorney in place.  The team at Davenports West can do both for you.

Occupation Rights and Retirement Village Agreements

It’s important to seek legal advice before you sign up with a retirement village because buying into a retirement village is different from buying other residential property. The financial structures and legal titles can vary from village to village with most opting for a “licence to occupy.”

We have extensive experience in the various legalities surrounding retirement village occupation rights and retirement village agreements.  We will help you make an informed decision by undertaking a full review of your retirement village agreement / contract and explaining it to you in language you will understand.

Residential Care Subsidies and Rest Home Care Subsidies

Many of our elderly clients came to us unaware that they could qualify for subsidies for both rest home care and care within their own home.

Our team has specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with subsidy providers and can assist with applications for all types of subsidy.

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