About Davenports West Lawyers

Davenports West Lawyers is committed to providing a client focussed, value added service by working in partnership with our clients.

One of the longest established law firms in Auckland, we have flourished because we provide a professional, client-focussed legal service based on accessibility, turnaround and quality.

Our Core Values

Based in Henderson, Davenports West offers specialist legal advice to clients throughout West Auckland and beyond.  In all the work we do we adhere closely to the core values of our practice. These are:

  • Client Focus – We measure everything we do against how we provide the best possible legal service and advice to our clients.  That begins with us listening to what you have to say and then working with you to find objective solutions to your legal and business needs.
  • Integrity – We seek to act with integrity at all times and are honest and ethical in our day to day dealings.
  • Accessibility and Communication – We understand that our clients come to us with varying degrees of legal knowledge.  For that reason, we make time to explain the steps we are taking to provide the solution to your legal issue.  We are able to be contacted at any time to discuss your legal affairs and to explain anything you don’t understand fully.
  • Focussed on Job Completion and Results – We understand that legal issues often arise suddenly and need a quick resolution.  We will work hard to provide a good result within an acceptable timeframe.
  • Quality and Accountability – Our aim is always to do what we say we will, and exceed your expectations.  This means you can rely on the Davenports West team 100%.

Davenports – Experience, Expertise and Proven Results

Davenports West is one of the longest established law firms in West Auckland.  Its roots go back to 1920 when a young law graduate from Auckland University, the late Percy Spurdle, opened a legal practice.

In 1947, he was joined in partnership by Bob Davenport who had begun his own practice in 1930.

As Waitakere grew the firm grew also, working hard to cater for the growing needs of their clients.  In 1969, the Henderson office was opened by Ian McHardy and became part of the Davenports group.

Now known as Davenports West, the firm moved into its current premises in 2017.

Throughout all this time, the team at Davenports has been at the forefront of knowledge and understanding of New Zealand law and legal processes. We pride ourselves on being able to provide up-to-date legal and business advice. The longevity of our practice is proof of our commitment and ability to serve our clients.

The current Directors, Nicky Craig and Lucas Burn, each have the qualifications and expertise to provide the best services in their field. They are ably supported by a team of Associates, Solicitors, Legal Executives and Administration staff.

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