Commercial Property Law and Conveyancing

Davenports West are able to assist with all aspects of commercial property law.

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a commercial property, or building or cross leasing a property, we will handle all the necessary legal work that can otherwise add so much stress to commercial property matters.

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Commercial Property Legal Services

Purchasing or selling a commercial property, negotiating building contracts, organising a body corporate; whatever the commercial property challenge, they can often leave people in a nervous or confused state – leave the legal jargon with the team at Davenports West.

We offer a full commercial property law service that includes:

Commercial Property and Business Sales

Our first piece of advice is, never sell or purchase a commercial property or business without obtaining legal advice.  That is why we offer a full legal service for all aspects of commercial property sales transactions and agreements.

We provide a complete range of commercial property conveyancing and legal services for both vendors and purchasers of all types of commercial properties and businesses.  We will ensure that your property transaction complies with all required laws and regulations, is in your best interests, and proceeds to settlement as smoothly as possible.

We provide our clients with specialist commercial conveyancing and mortgage solutions that include:

  • Drafting or reviewing Sales and Purchase Contracts,
  • Overseeing and advising on finance and security agreements,
  • Checking for any planning issues or possible restrictive covenants and easements,
  • Negotiating contract and mortgage amendments in your favour, and
  • Any other practical matters pertaining to the property or business sale and purchase.

Commercial Leasing

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant we will provide professional and personalised advice that ensures your best interests are served.

For landlords, we offer assistance with:

  • Lease terms and document preparation,
  • Lease renewals, and
  • Dispute resolution.

For tenants, we offer assistance with:

  • Understanding and negotiating the terms of your lease, and
  • Dispute resolution.

Building Contracts and Resource Consents

Whether you are a building contractor or a homeowner building a residential home to live in, building a property is a process surrounded by legal challenges and resource consent processes.

As part of our Commercial Property Law service, the team at Davenports West offer legal advice and assistance to owners, builders and contractors on a variety of building and construction matters, including:

  • Negotiating, preparing and reviewing building contracts,
  • Resource consent advice and preparation,
  • Environmental planning and compliance,
  • Heritage law, and
  • Building and construction disputes.

Cross Leasing

Whether you are cross leasing a property or you have purchased a property where the cross-lease is incomplete or at variance with the plans, we can help.

We handle both new cross leases and variations to existing cross lease agreements.

Body Corporates

From the establishment of a body corporate that serves those who are a part of it, to the governance and clarifying of body corporate rules and regulations, Davenports West can answer your body corporate need.

Our team can also give advice on weather-tightness (leaky homes) and redevelopment issues.

Compulsory Acquisition of Land

Compulsory acquisition of land is the process whereby the Government or Council takes ownership of land that is privately owned, and it’s happening more and more these days.

We will ensure you receive proper compensation and a fair market value for any disruption caused to your business or residence by compulsory acquisition.

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