October 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter.

The end of the month brings us to the sharp end of the Rugby World Cup in the United Kingdom. It is great to see the All Blacks finally kicking into high gear with their impressive performances against France and South Africa.

In light of this it is a good time to bring Davenports West work with schools, community groups and sports clubs to the attention of our clients.

There have been relatively recent changes to how sports clubs and community groups are structured and operate. There are new requirements in relation to some charitable organisations annual report requirements alongside more stringent auditing of charities by the Charities Commission.

In regard to these changes it may be a good time for the clubs and community groups you are involved in to review the position and structure of that club in light of the new rules and regulations.

If you believe this may be relevant to the clubs and community groups you are a part of please be in touch with us regarding a review. We hope all is going well and we look forward to hearing from you if you are wanting more information.

Kind regards



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