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Buying or Selling your property?

Buying or Selling Your Property?

When it comes to Conveyancing and Property Law, Davenports West offers West Auckland a combination of experience, legal skill, and commercial understanding that sets us apart. We understand that when it comes to buying and selling property time can…

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Does your financial institution fit the bill?

Does Your Financial Institution Fit The Bill?

Cash flow management is a headache for small business owners everywhere. Not only do clients inevitably pay late (or not at all), but clients come and go, equipment breaks down, and random, unexpected expenses crop up at the least convenient of times…

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Business is built on social relationships

Business Is Built On Social Relationships

In theory we like to think of business as a series of transactions. Businesses produce goods by buying labour, equipment, and resources in exchange for money, and earn profit by selling those goods to customers. In reality, however, this is a deeply…

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Building a better business culture

Building A Better Business Culture

Business culture has traditionally taken a back seat to strategy. But 2015 saw the importance of corporate culture rise dramatically. 87 percent of organisations surveyed in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 research cited culture and..

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