Is your Will current?

As Lawyers we cannot stress to you enough about the importance of having a current Will. There are many issues that can arise when a person passes away without a current Will or worse yet without a Will at all.

If your Will is out of date it may not accurately reflect your testamentary wishes as your situation may have changed which can lead to your Will being contested by potential beneficiaries. This can be a costly and time consuming exercise and may lead to loved ones not receiving what has been left to them in a timely manner. In order to prevent this from happening we suggest that you check with us when your personal situation changes as to whether or not you should update your Will.

When someone passes away without a Will it is called an Intestacy. This requires an application to the Courts for administration of the Estate. On an Intestacy it is possible that the wishes of the person who has passed away are not fulfilled, as the Estate is divided in accordance with the Administration Act. It is also a significantly longer process than the standard application for probate and distribution of the Estate Assets.

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