November 2017 Newsletter


‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

This quote is so true. Very often a list of goals made at the start of the year are very rarely achieved. The reason – no plan was made for how they were going to get done.

Yes, some get completed by pure luck, but most are still waiting to be ticked off the list. The great thing is, there is still 2 months left in this year. Make a plan now, tick some off and make good progress towards others.

Do you have any outstanding goals? If so, we challenge you to make a plan to get at least one ticked off your list by the end of the year. Good luck!

Check out our lead article ‘Family Trusts: The Advantages And Disadvantages ‘ and as always, if you do you have any more questions? Please get in touch.

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Family Trust

Family Trusts: The Advantages And Disadvantages

Deciding whether or not to set up a family trust is a big decision, so much so that it’s important to get impartial legal advice before doing so. In this article, however, we set out some of the advantages and disadvantages of family trusts to help…

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residentail real estate

Residential Real Estate: Selling Your Home

Thinking about selling? Employing the expertise of real estate agents can make all the difference in attaining a successful sale. With residential real estate offices right around New Zealand, the advice you need and the service you want are right…

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App for Business

Why Is Web App Development Important For Businesses?

All businesses know that an online presence is essential, but these days it is not enough to simply have a website and think you will see the sales piling up. In order to truly serve your customers, you need to embrace technology and utilise web…

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Guide to Kiwi Saver

Here’s Your Basic Guide To KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver has just celebrated its tenth birthday! That’s right, introduced by the Labour government back in 2005 and launched on 1 July 2007, KiwiSaver has just celebrated an important milestone. And there’s no doubting it’s been an incredibly…

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